Dweem’s Story

Dweem in window 2NAME: Delbert (a.k.a. Dweem)

PERSONALITY: Confident, quiet, laid-back

FAVOURITES: Hanging out with Chubby and his brother Jerome

SPECIAL NEEDS: Neurological problems, bad co-ordination

OTHER/EXTRA: Dweem had more than his fair share of health issues (his problems staying balanced, whose cause his veterinarians simply couldn’t find), but despite those challenges, other cats often looked to Dweem for leadership, especially his brother Jerome, who could often be nervous. Jerome depended on Dweem’s confidence, and the two were virtually inseparable. We originally thought that Dweem might not have long to live, but we never give up hope on a cat, and it looks like Dweem never gave up hope either — he lived for many years after we were told that his outlook wasn’t good, and it goes to show that you just can’t keep a good cat down!

Dweem playing with Delva 2

Dweem Jerome on blankets 3

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amy halpern November 4, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Does Dweem have Toxoplasmosis – My 6 month old kitten (she was feral) has been treated for toxoplasmosis as she has the exact same symptoms – At first i thought it was because she was a kitten but one day i came home to her having a series of episodes that made me think she had something serious…I was right – How is Dweem now…Is there hope for my Miss Mabel?


Paws on Your Heart November 6, 2012 at 2:56 AM

Hi, Amy!

Thanks for writing to us about Miss Mabel – what a great name! And thanks for alerting all of our readers to the condition know as toxoplasmosis. From what we can determine, Miss Mabel (and others who get this disease) should be just fine if treated early enough. The following link from a credible source gives you a good overview: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/brochures/tox.html Since our site and sanctuary are very much about celebrating cats with special needs, we’re glad to share this information with others. Please let us know how Miss Mabel does over time. We’d love to see a picture of her if you can upload it, or e-mail it to us.

Dweem was never diagnosed with anything specific. Instead, the vet shook her head and warned that Dweem was not long for this world. Hmm…that was 16 years before he passed away – after a long and wonderful life! In fact, Dweem became the patriarch of the rescued cats…very much the man in charge!

All the best to you and Miss Mabel for a long and special relationship together!


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