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Our Mission

Here at Paws On Your Heart, we have always had a passion for the protection of all life, whether human, animal, or plant. We believe that all living things deserve respect and compassion, and we strive to carry out that belief every day. Some of the ways in which we do this include:

  • Community outreach: setting up cat colonies, shelters and feeding stations with the co-operation of community members; assisting people who are having difficulty taking care of their own cats, particularly cats who have developed medical problems (through financial aid and/or education).
  • Promotion of cat welfare: increasing awareness of the problems feral cats face; promoting the value and respect of cats in society; increasing the public understanding of cats (see below).
  • Education: offering free and paid information to the public; reaching out to cat owners who may be having problems with their cats, and helping them achieve a more balanced and happy relationship.
  • Our sanctuary!

Niki Rebin, Norm Rebin, and Delva Rebin

We, the Rebin family (Norm, Delva, and Niki)  have worked with stray and feral cats for decades, both in the Niagara region and in the Prairies. Along the way, we have met many new furry friends.  Every single cat we work with is given a name and each one has a unique personality and set of needs. To learn more about some of our cats and to read their stories, visit our Meet the Cats page!

Our Team

We are happy to have dedicated staff members on our team, and they each serve an important function at our headquarters:

Hilary is our Office Manager — she takes care of important things like accounting, administration, and generally keeping everyone in line! It would be quite the challenge to keep everything running smoothly without our indispensable Office Manager, so if you call headquarters and hear Hilary on the other end, be sure to give her a big thank-you!

Jen is our Marketing Manager — she creates marketing material and runs our campaigns. Jen’s marketing savvy is what lets us get the Paws On Your Heart name out there, increasing the number of people who can benefit from our information and help us make the cats’ lives better. If you’ve found us online, you have Jen to thank for it!

Jade is our Production Manager — she creates content for our site, as well as videos and web design. These materials help us connect with our supporters and build a community of cat lovers on the web. If you have enjoyed this content, now you know where it came from!

Cat shelves

Our Facilities

We have also recently relocated our operations to brand new facilities — the cats are now happily residing in a converted house with plenty of indoor and outdoor space. Our family has owned this rural property for many years, and we converted it into a sanctuary for wildlife in 1985, re-naming it Hillview Acres Animal & Nature Preserve. Hillview Acres is home to deer, waterfowl, prairie dogs, and many other forms of wildlife and vegetation, and now we can add cats to that list of residents!

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Nancy Peterson October 31, 2012 at 9:38 AM


Thank you for helping community cats. I recently learned about your organization and would lke to send you free resources that may be helpful.

Keep up the good work!

Nancy Peterson
Cat Programs Manager
The Humane Society of the United States

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