Cat Behaviour: The Cat’s Claws

by Paws on Your Heart on April 20, 2019

Rocco_4316 (27) By AlvimannAre you one of the many cat owners who has been shocked by finding what looks to be an entire cat claw on your carpet or furniture? Could your cat really be losing his claws, and is this healthy?

Not to fret… shedding claws is actually natural and beneficial for our feline friends. And don’t worry, Kitty didn’t lose his whole claw… just the outer casing of the claw.

About every 2-3 months, our feline friends shed their nails. This occurs when a cat’s nail has grown beyond the blood supply of the paw. The outside casing of the nail will be discarded, which makes room for a new, healthier, and sharper nail to grow.

To help with the removal of your cat’s claw casings you can provide him or her with things to scratch such as scratching posts and cardboard. In addition, you can help the shedding process by clipping your feline friend’s claws every few weeks. For tips on grooming not only your cat’s claws, but also his or her fur and teeth, check out our article Cat Grooming: Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Quickly Pampering a Feline.

Overall, the next time you find what looks to be your cat’s claws around the home, don’t be concerned, as it is just Kitty’s claw casing, not his whole nail.

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