Cat Behaviour: Why Do Cats Headbutt People?

by Paws on Your Heart on August 13, 2013

hotblack_neo2Every cat owner has experienced the infamous feline headbutt. It’s cute, it’s funny, and sometimes it’s so hard that you wonder how your cat can take it… so why do cats headbutt?

To mark you as their own: The main reason that cats headbutt people and objects is to mark them with their scent. Cats release pheromones from many areas on their bodies including their head, their paws, and they backside. So when a cat rams his head (and/or his backside) into you, he is marking you as his.

To say hello: Sometimes feline headbutts are simply a way for our cats to greet us, and show us love. Think of it as a cat handshake or even a high-five.

As a communication tool: A cat who headbutts you or your hand could be trying to entice you to pet him. He’s placing his head right into the petting zone… so why not show him some love?

Does your cat love to headbutt you? Do you have any stories or pictures you’d like to share? Be sure to leave your comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, and questions.

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