Cat Behaviour: Why Do Some Cats Drink From The Tap?

by Paws on Your Heart on September 5, 2019

Some cats enjoy drinking water from a tap (and some cats LOVE to drink water from a tap, i.e. This Kitty).

Is your feline friend one of these faucet loving cats? Does your cat prefer tap water over the water in his dish? Have you ever wondered why?

There are two common explanations for this cat behaviour:

1. Tap water is always cold and refreshing. As opposed to water that is sitting around all day in a dish, tap water provides our feline friends with the highest quality of cold, refreshing water .

2. Cats love moving water. Cats are fascinated with moving water, which is why they will sometimes sit and stare at the water flowing out of the faucet before they take a drink. In fact, some cats love moving water so much that they will spill their water dish or dip their paw in the water to make it move.

Drinking from the faucet is a very common cat behaviour. But it you’d rather not have your cat drinking from the tap… we’ve got some tips to make his or her water dish more exciting:

  • Place ice cubes in the dish so that the water is always cold and fresh.
  • Place several water dishes around your house so that Kitty always has easy access to fresh water.
  • Use a different type of dish. Some pet food dishes, specifically plastic dishes, will make the water taste unappealing. Try using a ceramic bowl or a metal bowl to see if your kitty prefers this water.
  • Invest in a feline water fountain. These pet fountains constantly provide cats with fresh, running water without requiring you to be around turn the faucet on and off for your cat.

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Steven Chalmers May 15, 2015 at 3:18 PM


My name is Steven Chalmers and I have created a solution for cats wanting to drink from falling water.  I call it the AquaPurr.  See for details.

It is a platform that the cat stands on which triggers the flow of water through a spigot.  It attaches to a faucet in place of the aerator.  The faucet attachment includes a quick disconnect to allow regular use of the faucet.

It requires no electricity and never needs cleaning.

I build and sell these myself.

Thanks for reading.



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