Famous Friday: Catwoman

by Paws on Your Heart on November 6, 2015

Catwoman is one of the most popular anti-heroes in DC’s Batman series. She’s been featured in comics, movies, cartoons, television programs, and on all sorts of merchandise. So what is it about Catwoman that everyone loves so much?

Catwoman, who’s real name is Selina Kyle, was introduced into the Batman franchise in 1940, appearing in the comic Batman #1 as a whip carrying burglar (where she’s originally named The Cat) , and since her first appearance, she has remained an integral member of the Batman family.

There have been several changes to Catwoman’s character over the years, but she has always been a woman who is skilled at hand to hand combat – specifically martial arts. She is smart, stealthy, and agile, which is why her choice to live her life as a cat burglar is… for lack of a better word… purrfect.

Although she did begin her career as a villain, Catwoman has also been an ally to Batman. She has recently been portrayed as her own version of a protector of Gotham City, and often finds herself stealing from mobsters and gangsters.

In addition to her “work” relationship with Batman, Catwoman has also had a romantic relationship with Batman – often being cited as one of Batman’s great loves. Because of the romantic tension between the two characters, Catwoman is often able to flirt her way out of trouble.

The character of Catwoman has a much more detailed life story and history than we have provided here, and if you’d like to learn more about this fascinating anti-hero, please visit THIS PAGE.

Interesting Facts:

  • After years of being a supporting character, Catwoman was given her very own comic book series in 1993 called Catwoman: The Series.
  • Catwoman has been played by 6 actresses in live-action television shows and movies. See the full list HERE.
  • Catwoman is empathetic toward felines, and often finds herself drawn to cat themed motifs and works of art. (We knew there was a reason that we liked her so much).

Who’s your favourite famous feline?  Is there a famous feline you’d like to see featured in one of our Famous Friday posts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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