Our Top 10 Favourite Cat Songs

by Paws on Your Heart on June 6, 2016

It may surprise you to find out that there are many songs written about cats, and some songs that are even written for cats. The following songs are our top 10 favourite cat songs that should be on every cat lover’s playlist (in alphabetical order).

1.The Alley Cat Song – David Thorne (1963)
The singer of this song put a new spin on the infamous musical “Alley Cat Song” typically played on piano. The lyrics discuss a man going out on the prowl every night for a date, just like an alley cat.

2. Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky) –Petula Clark (1967)
This song empathizes with a cat that is looking out a window watching the free birds. The cat wants to be outside, free with the birds, and so does the singer. Petula’s amazing voice adds to the lyrics, making this song a great oldie.

3.Cats In the Cradle – Harry Chapin (1974)
Although this song isn’t technically about a cat, it’s such a great song that we had to include it in the top 10. The word “cat” is in the title anyways…

4. Delilah – Freddie Mercury (1991)
How can a person not love a song by this legendary rocker, entirely dedicated to his favourite cat Delilah? The song has witty lyrics interwoven with lyrics about how much he loves his cat and how happy it makes him. The meows throughout the song are fun too.

5. Everybody Wants To Be a Cat – Scatman Crothers (1970)
Who can forget this jazzy tune from the movie Aristocats? Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at…

6. Phenomenal Cat – The Kinks (1968)
This is a strange song that was never quite as popular as the Kinks’ other releases. The song begins by talking about a cat who lives in a tree while getting fat. Though the term “cat” in this song likely does not refer to a cat, we thought we’d leave it at that, because why ruin the fun for cat lovers?

7. Stray Cat Strut – The Stray Cats (1982)
With a jazz-like bass line that sounds like a prowling cat, this song doesn’t fail to tell the story of a stray male alley cat roaming around at night without a care in the world.

8. Tom Cat – The Rooftop Singers (1963)
This song is about a tomcat that struts around town like he owns the place. Great music mixed with truthful lyrics make this a lovable song.

9. Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog – Norma Tanega (1966)
This song is a real life story about Norma Tanega walking her cat named dog down the street. She wanted to have a pet dog, but since her living situation didn’t allow for a dog, she got a cat and named it dog instead.

10. What’s New, Pussycat? – Tom Jones (1965)
This classic Tom Jones song is about how he loves his pussycat. Though we’d love to say this song is about a cat, it’s likely about his love interest instead. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sing this song to your kitty anyways.

 Do you have a favourite cat song? Let us know in the comments section below!

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