Paws On Your Heart Celebrates National Feral Cat Day By Launching Our Blog!

by Paws on Your Heart on October 16, 2012

What a wonderful day to launch our Paws On Your Heart blog.  Today is National Feral Cat Day, the day designated by Alley Cat Allies to “promote humane care for feral cats”. Alley Cat Allies also chooses October 16th  to recognize the millions of community cat caregivers.  We, too, want to show our appreciation for every person in any community who helps cats.

Feral cats live in every part of the world, and in every size of community.  From big cities to small towns to rural acreages cats have made the outdoors their home.  We are very grateful to the millions of unsung heroes who try to make those feral homes safer, healthier, and more comfortable. A small act of kindness through a blanket put outside, a dish of fresh water replenished, or a protected food area, can mean the world to a feral cat.

Our relationship with feral cats has been a long and special one. As a family, we have been protecting cats and other animals for over 70 years.  In 1985 we made a big decision to turn our 160 acre Rebin family farm into a wild animal and nature preserve, called Hillview Acres.   There are many kinds of animals living there, including deer, owls, prairie dogs, and hundreds of species of birds.  Recently, however, we fulfilled a special dream by establishing a full-time sanctuary on the farm just for feral and stray cats.  After spending months to years nurturing cats on the streets, we are able to win their trust and bring some of them out to our sanctuary.  For most of them, living on the streets has left a permanent mark of fear and anxiety.  After years of proper nutritional and vet care, and tons of love, we are able to see them evolve into healthy and happy cats.

Champignon (pictured here) is one of those rescued kitties.  Champignon was born on the street, lost her mother, and as a kitten was left to fend for herself.  We discovered her, and her siblings crouching under a car during a ferocious winter snow storm.  It didn’t take too much convincing to bring these feral kittens in from the cold.  Over time, Champignon evolved from a frightened and fragile street kitten into this beautiful girl.

Throughout our blog, we’ll be highlighting many of the cats of Paws On Your Heart.  And we’ll be sharing stories of others making the lives of feral cats better.  There will even be some fun features (like Famous Fridays- about famous cats or famous owners) and some educational material (like how to save your curtains from your cat!).  We look forward to your comments, your cat success stories, and your cat photos or videos.

Today (National Feral Cat Day) and every day, we celebrate the cats in our community, and those who care for them.

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