Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany by bathtub(1)NAME: Tiffany

PERSONALITY: Timid, nervous

FAVOURITES: Quiet time

SPECIAL NEEDS: Emotional trauma

OTHER/EXTRA: When Tiffany’s original owner returned months after we took her in, he demanded her back. We found out from talking to him that he lived in a third-story apartment, that he had Tiffany outside, and she had jumped off the balcony. In a dilemma (he had endangered his cat as well as not bothering to go after her for months), we called our vet office to ask their opinion. They were very reluctant to allow this man to reclaim her as well. Then they said, “You should tell him that if he pays Tiffany’s $228 vet bill, he can have her back.” When we told him, the man walked away without another word and never came back. It was an uncomfortable lesson that some people simply do not value their pets’ lives, but luckily for Tiffany, she is still with us and can be guaranteed a safe home for the rest of her life.

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