And The 2012 Black Cat Contest Winner Is…

by Paws on Your Heart on November 1, 2012


Twitch is the winner of our 2012 Black Cat Contest, not only for his beautiful appearance, but for his amazing story. He is the perfect example that special needs cats are no different than any other cat. Here is his story as told by his loving owner Jackie:

 “We never had a cat because of issues with relatives who are allergic to them. Then my ten-year-old son heard that his friend’s family was going to dump an unwanted litter of kittens at the pound. Among them was a tiny black kitten who’d been born with only two and a half paws. My son burst into tears. “No one will adopt him with paws like that, and he’ll be put to sleep!” he cried. Those allergic relatives would just have to understand.

Bringing home Twitch was one of the best things we ever did. Whether the cheerful little guy is chasing toys or scattering paper clips across my desk, he entertains us. When I’m sick, he curls up next to me in bed, faithfully keeping me company until I’m back on my feet. And what about those paws? He doesn’t seem to realize that anything is missing, and we usually forget, too. I’m always surprised when a new visitor watches Twitch, his back end lower than his front, and says, “That poor cat!”

Poor cat? Actually, that’s one lucky black cat. And we’re one lucky family to have him.”

Honourable Mentions

Olive Lemire



Thanks to all of our entrants! We hope that you have enjoyed this contest, and that you will consider participating in our contests in the future.

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