Cat Behaviour: Cat Digging In The Garbage Can

by Paws on Your Heart on April 12, 2018

Does your cat have a fascination with digging in the garbage can? The garbage bin is fascinating for animals, and with its endless supply of leftover food and surprises, it’s no wonder why the garbage is a lot of fun for our feline friends. Although digging in the garbage may be fun for cats, garbage bins can also be dangerous too. That is why we’ve got some tips to stop your cat digging in the garbage can.

  • Hide your garbage can inside of a cupboard, under the sink, or in a closet. Hiding the garbage can will completely remove any temptation for our feline friends. Out of sight, out of mind.s
  • Get a trash bin with a lid on it, specifically a lid that needs to be opened with a latch or footstep. This will ensure Kitty can’t easily get into the trash.
  • Spray the garbage bin with vinegar or a citrus scent. Most cats are sensitive to these smells and they will not go near the garbage if it smells like this.
  • Empty the trash bin often, even if you’re just dumping the contents into a bag to store elsewhere. This will ensure there is nothing in the garbage to attract kitty.
  • If your kitty is tipping over the garbage can, invest in a heavy garbage can or place something heavy in the bottom, such as rocks or a brick.

Do you have any tips for a cat digging in the garbage can? ¬†We’d love your input.
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