The Incredible Cat Eye

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by Paws on Your Heart on July 1, 2018

Cats have incredible eyes. Not only are they beautiful, but they are an extremely powerful tool for our feline friends.

What’s so great about cat eyes?

Precise Vision

Think about the last time you saw your kitty scoping out an area to jump on (such as the tiny bit of free space on your desk…)¬†was he or she able to land exactly on target? This is because the cat eye is very precise, which means that a cat is able to spot an area exactly where it wants to go, and he or she will be able to jump or run to that exact spot.

Incredible Shine

Feline eyesight shines at night… seriously. The mysterious glow that cat eyes give off at night is thanks to a mirror-like membrane on the back of their eyes. This membrane is able to take in any light in a dark area and reflect it back out. This reflected light is the reason that felines see extremely well in the dark.

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