Cat Safety Tips For The Holiday Season

by Paws on Your Heart on December 17, 2015

Rocco_and_Christmas_Tree_6999 (1).JPGBy AlvimannIn addition to spending time with the people and animals that we love, the holiday season is a time best known for the beautiful lights, ribbons, presents, and decorations that many people put in their homes during this time of the year. Although decorating our homes is a very important tradition, it’s also important for us to stay cautious of our animal friends’ safety while placing these lovely decorations in our homes. So how can you implement cat safety strategies into your home during this holiday season? We have a few tips…

Be Cautious Of The Decorations You Place Around Your Home
Do you love the look of decorations such as tinsel, garland, or glass ornaments? There is no problem with having these beautiful decorations in our homes, just be sure to keep them out of your feline friends’ sight and reach. This is especially important for glass ornaments the can break if played with and decorations such as tinsel that can be deadly if ingested.

Keep Wires And Electrical Cords Out Of Sight
Strings of lights are an integral part of the holiday season. To ensure that your home can still be beautifully lit while keeping your feline friend safe, simply tape the electrical cords to the floor or wall, or place them inside of a protective casing such as a plastic tube. These protective measures will ensure that your cat cannot play with or chew on any electrical cords.

Use Caution With Fire
If you love to light candles or sit by the fireplace during this time of the year, just be cautious that these items are not easily accessible to your animal friends. Keep candles on tables that are out of reach, and place a screen or barricade in front of your fireplace to keep your cat or dog from walking right into it. Also be sure to monitor these items at all times to prevent unwanted accidents or fires.

Keep Holiday Plants Out Of Reach
Plants such as poinsettia and mistletoe are popular items to decorate with during the holiday season. If you enjoy having a bit of holiday greenery in your home during this time of the year, just be sure to keep the plants well out of your cat’s reach. Mistletoe is highly toxic for our animal friends, and poinsettia plants can cause vomiting and digestion problems if ingested.

Do You Have A Real Christmas Tree?
There is nothing better than the smell of fresh pine during this time of the year, which is why many people choose to bring a real Christmas tree into their homes. The following tips will help to ensure that your tree stays beautiful and your pet stays safe.

  • Invest in a heavy, sturdy tree stand, and/or secure your ┬átree to a nearby wall using a hook and a rope. This will prevent your tree from toppling over if your feline friend decides to venture up into the tree.
  • Try to keep your cat from drinking the tree’s water because any plant food that you add to the water may have fertilizers and chemicals in it. You can keep your cat safe by placing a tree skirt over top of the water or by creating a plastic barricade for the water from an item such as a lid from a margarine container.
  • Be sure to vacuum up any excess pine needles so that your feline friend doesn’t ingest them. Although pine trees are not poisonous, the needles can be sharp, which can cause damage to a cat’s mouth, stomach, and intestines.

Don’t be afraid to decorate your home exactly how you’d like to during the holiday season, just be sure to keep your animal friend’s safety and well-being in mind when you are placing certain decorations around your home. Although these are only a few precautions to take, it gives you a good idea about what you can do to make your home pet friendly this holiday season.

Do you have any other tips or ideas for cat safety during the holiday season? Be sure to leave your comments below, as we’d love to hear your ideas.

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