Famous Friday: Lucifer The Cat

by Paws on Your Heart on October 18, 2013

Lucifer the cat is a black furred cartoon cat famous for being sneaky, wicked, and conniving… just like his owner. He has an evil grin, and if you just spent hours washing the floor, he has no problem tromping all over it leaving dirty footprints everywhere… can you guess what film this bad kitty is from? He’s the evil step-cat from the Disney movie CinderellaLucifer the cat is owned by the main character Cinderella’s evil step-mother Lady Tremaine… and whoever said that pets are just like their owners was definitely correct with this evil duo.

Just like his owner, Lucifer the cat is gluttonous, pompous, spoiled, and will do anything he can to make sure that Cinderella’s life is as difficult and miserable as possible. Whether it is to mess up the house just after she’s cleaned it, make her look like a fool in front of her step-sisters and step-mother, or by chasing after and trying to eat her only friends (the mice in the house of course), Lucifer the cat always has a plan to keep Cinderella on her toes.

Lucifer the cat is a memorable cat villain, and although he is one bad kitty, we can’t help but enjoy watching the schemes that he comes up with throughout the movie. If you’d like to see Lucifer the cat in action, this video is one of his more memorable “bad kitty” moments.

Who’s our next spine-chilling Famous Feline? Find out next Friday…


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