Famous Friday: Oscar the Cat

by Paws on Your Heart on December 14, 2012

Oscar the cat is one unusual feline. Why you may ask? Well Oscar can predict death…

Okay, so that may sound a bit scary… but we’ll tell you how and why Oscar is a unique and special feline.

Oscar the cat was brought to the Steere House Nursing and Rehab Center in Rhode Island as a companion animal for the residents of the building. However, Oscar doesn’t readily visit with the residents at all. Instead, he walks from room to room checking on everyone to see if they are okay. If the residents are happy and healthy, Oscar will carry on his way. It’s only when Oscar notices a patient is having a problem that he will stay in the room and curl up right beside them.

Oscar is able to predict death with such accuracy that when the doctors and nurses see Oscar in a room, they have enough time to call a patient’s family and friends to let them know that they should come down to have one final visit with their loved one. For those residents that don’t have family and friends available for a final visit Oscar will provide companionship by curling up beside them all day.

David Dosa has worked with Oscar for several years and has written about Oscar’s incredible ability in his book Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat. If you would like to learn about this phenomenal feline you should check out David Dosa’s book or watch THIS VIDEO of Oscar on the job.

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