Paws On Your Heart is a non-profit sanctuary for feral and stray cats with special needs, part of the larger Hillview Acres Animal & Nature Preserve. The sanctuary’s brand new facilities are located on a spacious property owned by our family in beautiful rural Saskatchewan, and for decades we have been providing food, shelter and love to homeless cats. We love every one of our residents, and are committed to promoting cat welfare around the world. 100% of the donations we receive at Paws On Your Heart will go directly to the cats.

We also strive to help cats in our community and around the world through community outreach, education, and promoting cat welfare. For more information, see our About Us page.

Facts About Cats: Why Do Cats Have Scratchy Tongues?

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by Paws on Your Heart on April 21, 2020

Have you ever noticed how scratchy your cat’s tongue is when she’s licking you?

One of the well know facts about cats is that they have scratchy tongues. So what causes feline tongues to be so rough?

A closeup view of a feline’s tongue will reveal that it’s covered in hundreds of tiny hooks. These hooks are made up of keratin (the hard substance that makes up human fingernails), which is why the tongue is so rough. Read More…


Our Top 10 Favourite Feline Actors in Movies and On Television

by Paws on Your Heart on March 16, 2020

We just love when cats are featured as real actors in movies and on television. These movies and television shows prove just how smart and talented cats truly are. Though it was hard to choose just 10 cats, here are our top 10 favourite felines (in alphabetical order) in movies and television: Read More…


Cat Behaviour: Why Do Some Cats Drink From The Tap?

by Paws on Your Heart on September 5, 2019

Some cats enjoy drinking water from a tap (and some cats LOVE to drink water from a tap, i.e. This Kitty).

Is your feline friend one of these faucet loving cats? Does your cat prefer tap water over the water in his dish? Have you ever wondered why? Read More…

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Famous Friday: Pink Panther

by Paws on Your Heart on May 17, 2019

This famous feline was originally the title character featured in the opening credits for the live action The Pink Panther films, which began in 1963. Although his role was small in these films, he became so popular that he was given his very own theatrical shorts, comic books, television cartoon shows, and merchandise. So what is it about the Pink Panther that everybody loves so much? Read More…


Cat Behaviour: The Cat’s Claws

by Paws on Your Heart on April 20, 2019

Rocco_4316 (27) By AlvimannAre you one of the many cat owners who has been shocked by finding what looks to be an entire cat claw on your carpet or furniture? Could your cat really be losing his claws, and is this healthy? Read More…


Help With Your Cat: Dander

by Paws on Your Heart on March 1, 2019

Is your cat one of the many felines who has a lot of dander?

Are you unsure what cat dander even is? It’s the little white flecks of dead skin that occasionally show up in our feline friends’ fur. Be sure not to confuse cat dander with dandruff, which is itchy, dry skin that can become quite raw if a cat itches it too much, and requires different treatment than dander.

Dander in cats is very common, simply because they have fur all over their bodies, which means that they’re more likely to have a lot of dead skin cells getting stuck in their fur. Cat dander is completely normal, and it’s nothing to be concerned about. Read More…